The Act 2 Movement

Non Partisan Movement for Better Government

The Act 2 Movement presents a non-partisan blueprint to reform the federal government. We offer creative solutions for long-standing problems—solutions that emphasize integrity, transparency, and accountability in public discourse with the goal of achieving effective government and an informed electorate.

A Conversation Over Lunch

I recently had lunch with a former governor of Colorado. After I had described the key reforms in Act 2, he responded, “Your audacity takes my breath away.” As I later pondered that statement, I realized that there is really nothing “audacious” in Act 2. It is merely thinking that is “outside the box”—something Americans have always done.

But consider the Founders’ decision in 1787 to write a Constitution that preserved sovereign power for the people. Now, that was ground-breaking and audacious!

Frank Keeney, Founder
The Act 2 Movement
March 2015

Our Founding Principles —The Act 2 Movement is about exercising the right of the people to alter their government

View From 35,000 Feet — We take a broad view to correct the underlying causes of government dysfunction, and our solutions will provide lasting benefits into the future

Act 2 Blueprint Preview — Learn about our priority reforms that will create an effective government that  works with integrity, transparency and accountability to the people

Five Themes — At Act 2, we are guided by five key themes that include Restoring the American Dream and Protecting our Children’s Future

Highlights — Some quotes  that show the thrust of our Act 2 essays

Reflections — Reminders of our civic responsibilities from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan


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